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CIS 275 Lecture 19: Web Development Planning and Process


  1. How to approach building a site
  2. Understanding your audience and their needs
  3. How to present information visitors want to see

Web Design Process

  1. Read the chapter! It includes a lot that I don't have in the video.
  2. Watch the video.

In Class Exercises

DubJay Designs has its first client! Your web development business is really taking off. A local bike shop owner, Alice, wants a new website and has hired you to make it. After sitting down and interviewing her, you write the following notes:

  • wants to showcase her business and what it's about
  • wants people to be able to see which items she has in stock currently
  • wants people to be able to contact her with questions
  • wants people to be able to find her social media accounts
  • wants people to be able to see upcoming events

Work through the following questions. If you don't know all of the information, make it up! The goal is to get familiar with the design methods, not for the content to be perfect.

Step 1: Understanding the Problem

  1. Write a succinct statement defining the goal of the website.
  2. Write four question about the people who might be interested in the site (see pg. 455).
  3. Create two fictional visitors and create a table that answers your five questions (see pg. 456).
  4. What are they trying to achieve? Write a story for each of your users (see pg. 458).

Step 2: Designing the Infrastructure

  1. Create a sitemap for the new website that encompasses the information given to you by Alice.
  2. Create a wireframe for the home page. This can be drawn or done with a wireframe program. The level of detail is up to you, but it should cover the key information.
  3. Take all of these deliverables, zip them, and email them to be by Sunday, 11:59 PM. This won't be graded for correctness - just participation.

Step 3: Summary

Comment in the Lecture 19 channel:

  1. One thing you've learned or found interesting.
  2. One question or confusion that you have.