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CIS 275 Lecture 20: Site Design Issues


  1. Discuss Krug chapters 1-7
  2. Introduce final project

Web and Mobile Usability


Final Project

Today, we're introducing your final web design and development project. It will be a culmination of everything we've learned so far and it's worth 30% of your final grade.

The Prompt

You will be making a a personal website that showcases your professional skills. To successfully complete this task you should be able to exhibit mastery in the objectives of the homeworks, and also able to:

  1. Determine the best way to implement styles in your coding work
  2. Construct effective and efficient CSS statements
  3. Generate carefully edited HTML and CSS with absolutely no errors
  4. Plan a website from an idea to a first version

If you are planning to get into a writing career, you should include writing samples. If you are planning on being a photographer, it should include photos. If you want to be a web developer, it should showcase some of the web development work you've done. This can include any writing, a technical blog, photos, etc. The design is really up to you. It should follow CRAP principles, make use of color theory, typography, etc. It should be responsive, which is a concept we'll cover in the next few weeks. This is more than a test of your technical abilities (unlike the mini layout project). You should be able to demonstrate a mastery of HTML, CSS, layouts, and design.

It should include (at a minimum):

  1. Multiple HTML pages
  2. HTML5 structural elements
  3. All necessary styling for the appearance of elements on the page
  4. High quality imagery - no blurriness, warped pictures, etc.
  5. Typical website conventions (header, footer, etc).
  6. A responsive layout

Including just the content above will not get you an A. You need to put time and thought into the content, the media (images, videos), the layout, colors, typography, etc. This is your chance to show me and the world what you've learned.

Important Dates

  • 4/14 - Project introduced
  • 4/28 - Partner usability review
  • 5/12 - Final project due by beginning of class

We will have further impromptu activities and check-ins relating to this as we go.

Final note

Juniors - if you go on to take CIS 375, Advanced Web Development, you'll be able to expand on it with Dr. Fee.

Seniors - If you're a senior, this project could be critical to you finding a job. In the current economic crisis, people aren't hiring. Unemployment is at a record high currently, and having a solid portfolio is basically a requirement to break into web development or graphic design, and a lot of other technical fields. This project will probably be more important and necessary for your class than it has been in the past few years and so I hope that you take it seriously. I will do my best to help you along as much as I can because I want you all to have good jobs and be successful.

In Class Exercises

  1. If you haven't completed the reading, you can finish it now!
  2. Start thinking about your project.