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CIS 275 Lecture 26: Bringing it All Together


  1. End of the semester!
  2. Krug 11-12


I can't believe the semester is over, and a week earlier than I thought it was supposed to be... I sent you all an email explaining what was going on, but if you missed it - I was under the impression the semester had been extended by a week due to the longer spring break. Surprise - it wasn't! Because of this, we lose some content on how to deploy our websites. If you finish your site by the 10th, please send it early so I can start grading. The final cut off will be by the beginning of class on the 12th (9:00 AM). Any time after that will lose points, as per the syllabus.

Quick Overview of Krug 11-12

We ran out of time to cover chapters 11-12, so please read them on your own if you're planning on being a web developer in the future. Chapter 11 talks about how we go into a site with a measure of goodwill, and the problems that we encounter lower that goodwill until we leave the site. Depending on the situation of the user (are they in a hurry, are they already upset), this amount of goodwill might be lower to start with. Make your site a place that users can come and easily find what they need to: usability as a common courtesy.

Chapter 12 discusses accessibility and why we should make efforts to make our sites accessible. Not only does a large % of the population have some type of disability, it's the right thing to do. We as developers have the opportunity to drastically improve the lives of some people, so why wouldn't we make the effort to do so?


Thanks to everyone for doing a great job this semester and for rolling with all of the changes that came our way. I had a good time teaching you what I know, and I hope that you all got something out of it. I'm really excited to see everyone's final projects, and I hope that non-Seniors continue with the advanced web class next year. If anyone has any questions about anything in the future, please email me at kauffmanes@gmail.com. I will always be around to answer questions about resumes, jobs, code, projects, or my favorite breweries in Pittsburgh. I wish you all luck!